“Figuring” is an exploration of the relationship between a weary-decaying camera and an observer, translating the reality of the observable world in the process of iterative experimentations to find what is beneath the rational surface of the techniques of photography. It looks at the way of visualizing the light, and its behavior as it creates formations when obstructed by mundane matters. It observes the laws of reflection and refraction, the path of the ray of light going towards and bouncing off a surface, how light travels from one medium into another, from a lighter medium to a denser one- for example from air to glass, or air to water to the glass. The resulting phenomena follow, beams of light cast shadow, reflect, and refract depending on the physical nature of the matters that it interacts with. Here, the distance between the subject and recording device which is a digital sensor is been infinitesimally minimized, reduced to a small space that a digital sensor can provide to act as a container and observer at the same time. The light-emitting diode (LED) played a central role here, by releasing energy in the forms of photons and producing colours. Deconstruction of the mechanical process of photography has taken its place, leaving the lens behind, removing the shutter curtain, figuring the nature intrinsic to photography itself.  

However, this not an attempt to redefine mundanity or even an escape from it. Rather an attempt to catapult into noticing something that is obscured within the notion of mundanity, some probable events that are suspended within the countless folds of reality, and that required a certain kind of decontextualization of the mundane from the everyday. In this process, all the conceptual maps about reality, all the rules, and frameworks related to the normal world in which we dwell are upended and signifies a reality that was previously unseen. It refers to a certain setting as if one is exposed to a different culture or language, all of a sudden that defamiliarization and the sense of first sight unencumbered from knowingness hurls one into the present. It puts you into a state of flow and openness, where you don’t carry around that screen of preconceptions of the adult mind.